We offer comprehensive services

Our service starts with an initial consultation. After delivery, we assist you with the installation and startup and will continue to support you in using our products for years to come. We are also happy to help you select important, high-quality accessories and supply them.

1. Advice for optimal process analysis

  • Practical initial advice from our specialists who are well versed in topics relevant to your processes, such as media resistance, pressure, temperature and the selection of suitable materials
  • Quick identification of objectives to find the appropriate process connection for your process analytical technology
  • Our international experience is incorporated into every project
  • Joint planning of technical implementation
  • Benefit from our extensive know-how

2. Installation support

  • PSL supports you with the installation and startup of the measuring cells and probes
  • PSL specialists are continuously available for advice

3. Accessories, supply of

  • collimators
  • optical fibres
  • adapters
  • connectors
  • protective hoses
  • other accessories on request

A final word

Despite high-quality, extremely robust and high-precision products, we naturally cannot completely prevent the occurrence of service cases. Although our products are designed to have a long service life in our customers’ processes, there comes a time when components such as seals, optical fibres or collimators have to be replaced.

In such cases, a swift and customer-focused response is important to restore the availability of your process analytics as quickly as possible.

The design of our products supports us in this respect. Since we do not use any soldering or bonding technologies to seal our sapphire windows, we can carry out repairs quickly and easily.

That way, we take your quality assurance to a whole new new level – your benefits being higher plant availability and more efficient processes.

You need advice, service or support?

We look forward to hearing from you.