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PLS – Products and product benefits

PLS is a strong partner for continuous quality assurance and process measurement technology in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Measurement technology for process and laboratory applications:

High-end products, special solutions and accessories.

Link to: Smart Process Line

Smart Process Line

In the cells of the Smart Process Line, only the parts exposed to process media are manufactured from highly resistant materials using unique inlay technology. This also allows special cells with enamel or PTFE inlays to be built.

Link to: Heavy-Duty Line / Heavy Duty Smart Line

Heavy-Duty Line and Heavy-Duty Smart Line

Only sapphire and the metal of the cell body – no solders or bonding materials. For high pressures, high temperatures, with organic solvents and for use in the petrochemical industry.

Link to: Versatile Line

Versatile Line

The transmittance/ transflectance cells for a wide range of applications with low volume flows.

Link to: Hygienic Line

Hygienic Line

Our cells for hygienic processes (design compliant with EHEDG/3A).

Link to: Gasmesszellen

Gas measuring cells

Gasmesszellen für die Qualitätssicherung und Prozessmesstechnik
Link to: Sonderlösungen

Special solutions

Sonderlösungen für die Qualitätssicherung und Prozessmesstechnik
Link to: Zubehör


Zubehör für die Qualitätssicherung und Prozessmesstechnik

Our customers

  • value our expertise and our level of qualification, which combines innovation, flexibility and speed with precision and customer focus

  • draw on a wide range of reliable services with a broad product and service portfolio

  • confirm that we offer one of the “best process connections worldwide”

PLS products and services stand out with

  • reduced downtimes (= few process interruptions due to service cases)

  • high flexibility (great variety of materials for cells/probes and seals)

  • processing of stainless steel, Hastelloy, tantalum and zirconium with sapphire without solders and/or bonding materials, with very high precision.

PLS products and solutions support technicians in setting up process analytics and optimising processes in terms of technology and time.