Chemie Industrie

Industry sectors

With its products and services, PLS supports quality-assuring process measurement technology in the

  • chemical and

  • petrochemical industry

PLS is characterised by a high degree of vertical integration and thus a very high vertical range of manufacture – offering customers benefits such as safety, quality, flexibility and speed of implementation.

In doing so, we contribute to ensuring

  • the competitiveness of our customers over the entire plant lifecycle

  • easier and faster adaptation of plants to production processes and fluctuations in demand


Chemical Industry

PLS offers primary producers in the chemical/pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries a wide range of high-quality process connections for the in-situ measurement of spectroscopic and photometric quantities in the UV/VIS and NIR range.

Thanks to our many years of close cooperation with our customers, we are familiar with the diverse typical industry requirements and are able to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ adaptation requests.

We routinely use a wide variety of materials (stainless steels, Hastelloy, tantalum and zirconium) for cells and probes in combination with sapphire or quartz as optical material and various seals.

Petrochemische Industrie

Petrochemical industry

Process connection in the petrochemical industry places high demands on the sealing materials used.

We are the only company in the world to integrate sapphire into stainless steel/Hastelloy or tantalum without using special solders or bonding materials. As a result, PLS process connections are precisely designed for the production parameters of the petrochemical industry.